LAN Messenger or Instant Messenger: LAN Messenger is an alternative way to send, receive files or chat with your friends within the limited area. You can find Lan Messenger at places like office, work, school or a gaming parlor. Most of the group gaming players use LAN messenger to chat and play the game among them.

What is LAN?

Many consumers, who won a PC know where to find word LAN in their systems, but they do not know what the actual meaning of LAN is. So we are covering this part for those, who do not know about LAN. LAN is a computer network which enables the user to connect to any other computer within the limited area. You can find LAN services at such places as school, offices, Govt firms, IT sector and Gaming Parlor. LAN full form is Local Area Network which is being used without any wired or wireless Internet connection. LAN can be used to play games, send files and receive files from one computer to another.

List Of LAN Messengers:

There are many Top Lan Messengers all over the world wide web but which one is free and easy to use a wide range.

LAN Messenger # 1 – Softros

One of the best LAN messengers on the market. If you need a stable and secure messaging solution for your office, it’s the most appropriate choice.  Windows, Android, and Mac OS versions are available.

The application supports messaging, group chat and broadcasting option. A user can transfer files over a local network by dropping it in a chat window. A special algorithm encrypts all data transfers.

The LAN Messenger has built-in remote assistance and remote desktop feature. Developers regularly release new updates and fixes. Customer support replies to any questions fast and friendly.


LAN Messenger # 2 – LAN Messenger

The free instant messaging enables to connect to any other INTERNET server without any INTERNET service. The software is freeware, and it is easy to use and understand. This software is capable of satisfying your basic needs.


LAN Messenger # 3 – Tonic

The next free LAN Messenger available; Tonic has been around for over the years providing excellent features like you can add an avatar to the profile. You can chat without the requirement of the server. You can send receive files and chat instantly. You can make group chats. You can look up to the history of the chats you’ve done.


LAN Messenger # 4 – Squiggle

The best free LAN Messenger tool on the market today. It does everything that any other LAN Messenger does, and it has all those features in it. You can make voice chats over this app without an Internet connection within the area. You can easily set up group chats. It has spell check enabled so you do not have to bother anything about getting you spell wrong with latest trendy emotions icons.


LAN Messenger # 5 – CD Messenger

The Eco-friendly LAN Messenger tool which offers on multiple platforms other than windows. This software is available for IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can send multiple files; Group messaging is possible in this software. You can add sticky notes to email. You can even send messages off-line


LAN Messenger # 6 – Lan Talk

LanTalk. LanTalk is good Lan Messenger for offices for office intra-net networks and net send/net send / win pop-up messenger replacement software for LAN networks. It comes with many features like sending emails, sending files and receiving files, you can group chat and many more.


LAN Messenger # 7 – OutPutMessenger:

Private and Secure Instant Messenger for Office, which has more features with the free version. The software is available in two version free and paid version. Give your team and colleague the freedom to chat, talks, and share and interact with each other from anywhere, on almost any devices.


Which Is The Best One?

Among all of those Top Lan Messenger, which one is the best? Well honestly speaking, all of them are good and only some of them have free to use option. Each and every LAN messenger is handpicked software for our readers. All of that software is free to download and easy to use. We have added only those who are best in the market right now. So go and try them for your business or gaming or friends. If I have missed anything, you can comment in this regard.


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