Learn how to find template using Blogger Template Theme Detector in 2 mins. Blogger Template Theme Detector tool is easy and fast. Blogspot theme detector is a convenient tool to find figure out which blog spot theme is used.

Blogger Template Theme Detector:

Blogger is a famous free blogging platform for those, who want to start their website using blogger platform. Blogger is gifted with plenty of features but it despite named as a famous free hosted platform they do not have attractive default themes. Blogger has several similar looking default themes which are enough to serve as primary them

This has also enabled many opportunities for young developers. This is a problem, so it motivated young developers to create new functional themes for all categories business and helped them through their themes.

So you were looking a blogger hosted site and was curious which theme the author is using for his blogger hosted site. Even I wondered when I was new to blogging, so ended up finding out how one can find theme details? So I came up with blogger template detector.

There are several websites or blogs are currently running these premium versions of blogger templates. If you have visited any one of the blogger sites and wish to have an exact theme on your blog, It is possible to buy using our Blogger Template Theme Detector method. Blogger theme detector is quite easy to use and understand our Blogger Template Theme Detector process.

Blogger Template Theme Detector:

  • It’s easy to understand.
  • You do not require use any tool to find blogger template every time.
  • It consumes 50 seconds of your precious time, saves you a lot of time to research.

How to use Blogger Template Theme Detector

This is quite easy to understand and execute, For those who do not know about coding No need to worry, it will be very easy to find by using our secure method. If doesn’t even matter if you don’t understand in words, we have prepared images below so you can learn visually and perform in real time. Currently, we have two different methods for Blogger Template Theme Detector here, and it’s up to you which one you want to choose.

Method 1:
  • Go to the blog you want to check the blogger template; In this case, I will use http://kksilvery.blogspot.com
  • Once you have landed on the page, click the right button on the mouse and select “view source” option from the context menu.
  • Or you can simply get to the page by adding View-source:example.blogspot.com , like this view-source:kksilvery.blogspot.in
  • Once you have reached the page, we are looking for; this is how it should see on your screen.
  • Scroll down and look for credits of the Author, This is how it should be looking.
  • That’s it, now look for the theme in search engine now.
Method 2:

In many cases, most of the bloggers are good at editing as they have learned basic coding in the pursuit of better blogging experience they have improved, just like what we are trying to do, learning something new. Every good blogger knows how to edit remove credits from the template forever by modifying the blogger template. Now we don’t have any clue how to find it But thanks to our smart theme developers where they find a gap and leave their traces, we still got this by Blogger Template Theme Detector method two. This process requires basic knowledge of coding.

  • If you do this properly, you can find your choice of theme in a matter of seconds, Go to view-source:kksilvery.blogspot.com,
  • Now you have the search bar and look for ” HTTP:// “,
  • You have been patience and keep looking for URL which leads to a website,
  • By the time you reach the end, you will get at least one non-relevant URL which leads you to developers.
  • Now you can find your ideal theme.
My final words

I would suggest you to Blogspot theme detector method one, it had always worked for me when I tried to find other blogger hosted website. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge to figure it out. So you will be on safe side.

In several cases, many bloggers modify their theme to get of author credits, reason is many, but their objective is to keep the site layout details private. Then use our blogger template detector method two in such cases. This method the only issue is you must have decent knowledge of coding, or else things might get a little difficult.

Now that, we have learned how to find Blogger Template Theme Detector using our two simple methods, there is no Blogger Template Theme Detector in the market which can tell the theme name. We have done a better job so far, and we figured it today how you can find it too. What are you waiting for.


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