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By | April 23, 2016

Whatsapp for pc is most asked question on the internet today, since you guys have asked me to do Whatsapp For PC , so i have put up this safe and secure version of  Whatsapp For PC. You can use whatsapp right from your browser without downloading any software or any modified app.

Whatsapp For PC Using Web Browser :

  • With this method , you won’ have to install any software.
  • It is safe and secure to use.
  • This method works with any given browser.
  • The process is very simple to understand.
  • Its very easy to log in without creating any account.

How To Use Whatsapp For PC Using Web Version :

This is very easy task if you follow my lead and do exactly how i’m about to guide you. Lets go ahead with the process.

  • Go to your any of the web browser and reach Web.Whatsapp
  • Once you land on the page , you will find QR code.
  • Now take you device (Android) and fire up whatsapp app.
  • After the home screen of whatsapp shows up, choose menu.

Whatsapp for pc web version

  • In the above picture you can find ” Whatsapp Web “, select the option.

whatsapp for pc web version when logging in

  • After you select ” Whatsapp web” , this is what you’ll be seeing on your device.
  • Now notice that green mark ? That mark symbolize scanning, now lead that cube shaped pattern towards your system and make sure your device camera scans QR code.

Whatsapp fpr pc web version

  • Boom Now your logged in to web version of whatsapp.
  • Incase , if you want to log out from web version , you can do that from your device.

Its not that difficult to use whatsapp on your pc using browser, isn’t it?

NOTE : Things you need to take of , while using this option .

  • You must be connected to internet (WI-FI preffered).
  • Even after logged in to web version , you still need to the device to be connected to internet.
  • Make sure to charge your device to 80%.

Wrap up :

I know that it has been very good thoughfull thinking of management of whatsapp to procide such an amazing option for its users to bring out web version. However ,whatsapp web version requires alot of work from their side, since you require a device to login and to receive messages from your loved ones , friends and clients , you need a device with network connection on it to proceed to web version. Whatsapp must do something about that.

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