Whatsapp for PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP)

By | April 18, 2016

Whatsapp for PC has been something everyone is asking for a while. Whatsapp for PC is a trending topic where you can many posts out there who are teaching you how to get it on your PC. The fact is many of them are providing easy to understand but complicate to execute.

I have tried my very best to give out the best solution to solve the problem of  ” WhatsApp for PC ” by providing three simple solutions, started with a very standard solution which is obviously by using blue stacks. What is interesting in my tutorial is that I have provided more two methods as blue stacks don’t work with every computer, for instance, let us take my PC, which is not good enough for blue stacks. That is the very motivation I took and came up with more two options for those whose PC is not compatible with such softwares. Today I will make sure that you will get WhatsApp on your PC, even if you have high or low configuration system. You can even checkout Whatsapp Group Names.

Whatsapp for PC Free Download Windows

Currently, there are three safe and secure ways to use WhatsApp on your PC.

Method 1: You can use it via a software

Method 2: You can use it an application dedicated for WhatsApp.

Method 3: You can use it officially via a browser.

  • Method 1: In the first method involves a software called blue stacks, you have come across it in several other similar articles suggesting you to use it. If you are already aware of method one then simply jump on to method two.
  • Method 2: This software which is about to instruct you is easy to understand and execute, click here for method 2.
  • Method 3: In the method 3, I will show you how you can use Whatsapp officially using the browser.

Whatsapp for PC Using BlueStacks:

This part is for those who don’t know or never heard of it before, so those who are already gone through this can pass it and jump over to the second method. So shall we begin the natural process to get WhatsApp on PC, Now, first of all, you have to download BLUESTACKS PC software which is around 12MB (This is not the standalone installer) and then install it on your PC?

After installation:

  • Go to search bar.
  • Look for Whatsapp,
  • You will have WhatsApp icon down in the results,
  • Simply install it like any other app,
  • Now that you have successfully installed WhatsApp on PC.

NOTE: Incase if you have any issue installing the app, which is a standard error you get while installing blue stacks, if this method doesn’t work for you, Jump to the Method two.

Wrap Up:

In many cases, we have seen that everyone out there is looking for best solution for WhatsApp for PC and yes its right that they can find many results, then hit the site to read and understand what they are explaining how to install WhatsApp for PC but many of the users have failed to install WhatsApp on PC ended up getting the idea of installing it in the first place. I have worked hard to provide such unusual methods to make things easier for readers like you and me If there is something I have missed or you didn’t understand any part feel free to comment

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