Use Smartphone Wifi to Share Internet using Bluetooth Tethering

By | April 15, 2015

Internet tethering can be a very common subject recognized by each laptop or smart-phone consumer, yet why don’t you consider Wireless Bluetooth tethering, have you ever noticed of the existence of such tech. Everybody knows that particular multilevel computer hardware adapter can only do one particular task at a time, if you are using net by connecting to WiFi from the smart-phone, and then you will not have the ability to tether internet while using the assistance of WiFi to your  laptop or any gadget.

Bluetooth Tethering

The commonest way of tethering will be the accessing web with 2G as well as 3G through cell data network, after which broadcasting that will net using your Wi-fi hotspot. Therefore, what is the way to tether net, if your smart phone can do one task at a time, which will access net on the some other devices available with you. In the following post, i will be talking about these inside specifics as well as let you know that will the best way to access it.

How to Provide Internet Connectivity Using Bluetooth Connectivity:

Bluetooth Tethering

Go to the settings tab and then choose on the option called More, now you will see the snap shot in the mentioned below image.

Bluetooth Tethering

Click/choose on the option called Tethering and Portable Hot-spot, and then choose/click to switch on Bluetooth tethering.

This method is really simple to use and execute, The connection is extremely slow compared to direct wired tethering or Wireless tethering connection or direct wi-fi connection. But it works well and you can browse. It doesn’t matter which laptop you’re using , simply connect you’re smart-phone as access point via Bluetooth.

What will be the speed after implying Bluetooth tethering method?

This is a good question, Bluetooth tethering is a good way to connect internet but after using it, IT is also another fact that speed of the internet connection on Bluetooth tethering will be extremely slow but you can browse and access and send mails , websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail.

2 thoughts on “Use Smartphone Wifi to Share Internet using Bluetooth Tethering

  1. Rakesh

    We can’t do anything, i have already used it and it slows really down.

  2. Brian

    It works , However internet is very slow and we can only send emails and chat on facebook.


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