Top 3 Android Emulators For MAC / Windows PC & Laptop

By | May 17, 2016

Best Android emulators Mac & Laptops : Today i will review some of the Best Android emulators Mac, As we all aware of Macintosh operating system is an innovative OS which has great interface and feels awesome to use. It is also true that Android emulators are cool, which is awesome if we get to use it on our  Mac & Macbook Air/Pro. Without any further wasting time, Let’s take a look at 10 Best Android Emulators Mac & Macbook Air/Pro.

Lets Jump in To Android Emulators For Mac & Laptop :

Bluetstacks :

This is might be the best Android Emulator  mac in the market, Bluestacks comes with alot of great features with rich interface. Reason why it is on the top is because it is standalone installer which requires no extra installation, unlike many other Android Emulator requires Virtual Desktop App.

Considering it features, which definitely interest you.

  • It has search bar, where you can search for apps and install it within .
  • It has a unique interface, which is easy to use.
  • If you are regular user of hike, whatsapp, other messenger, This app is good for you.

1*Droid4X :

Droid4X is another popular Android Emulators Mac and it is the best replacement for bluestacks  , it is designed for gaming. Droid4X is the sort of emulator designed for Power, and its the best android emulator for gaming be it for Mac OS or Windows.

TOP 5 Android Emulators Mac & Macbook AirPro

  • It provides options to configure Keyboard as Controller for gaming.
  • Comes pre-rooted and with Google Play Store installed.
  • Simply, drag and drop the apk file to start the installation.

Droix has several features which you might like and use it for daily bases.

2*Genymotion :

Genynmotion has proved to be a good replaceable emulator for MAC/PC , over the past few years since the release genymotion has matured alot in terms of features. Genymotion doesn’t lag and you can change android version at any certain point as you like. In order to use genymotion you need to create a free account

TOP 5 Android Emulators Mac & Macbook AirPro genymotion

  • This is a good emulator for those , who lack in configuration in space and ram with given options you can adjust space and RAM accordingly with genymotion.
  • Now using Internet is easy with genymotion , you can directly connect your simulator to internet with WI-FI/Ethernet, such a cool network support.
  • Coming to sensors, It supports all of the major sensors, so that you can keep with technology.
  • If you are curious like ” How to install genymotion on MAC ” This magma link will lead you to a step to step easy guide. Now you’re saved here.
  • Genymotion rarely lags and is quite smooth can be called as Android Emulators Mac.

3*AndyOS :

Where are we now? This is 2016 and obviously we like something new and updated . this is what andyOS is all about , it helps you to keep up with todays fresh technology delivering you the most enthusiastic features. It supports several unique features , which can help you experience the true Android Emulators Mac. Lets jump right in to its features.

TOP 5 Android Emulators Mac & Macbook AirPro Andyos

  • What is most unique feature of AnyOS is it has in-built Google play store, You might not consider it as a great achievement but let me tell you no other emulator out there has in-built playstore.
  • Resolution of games and apps , including graphic experience is quite cool. It comes with multi-touch.
  • It supports all of the features like cam to microphone.
  • You can even use your mobile as a puppet master and control everything and go wireless.
  • It sure has very good detail clarity and it requires very good configured MAC system.

Wrap up:

Android Emulators for Mac & laptops is kind if rare to find but now it is possible with such incredible developers have made it happen with their vision and skills. The list which we provide you are tested and using them as a primary Android Emulators.

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