Teens Downloading Instant Messenger Crazily

By | May 4, 2016

Teens Downloading Instant Messenger Crazily

Teens downloading instant messenger crazily , Have you heard of Jott, If not, go ask any teenager.

Instant Messenger Crazily :  A new hot app for instant messenger called jott has launched for teens which has more than 500,000 monthly visitors and over 1 million app installations just after three of release.

You might be thinking , why do we need another instant messenger app, but ceo of jott made his point , saying more than 31% of United states teen , they don’t have text messaging at school.

Juxta Labs has interviewed more than 350 Junior and high school students and revealed that most of the teens text during school hours but several student left out because they don’t have mobile devices to begin with.

There are many groups ,who has iPad, iPod as their primary device of communication. None of their have data plans or have access to school wi-fi leaving them left out of conversations. As a result many students show up to school with a device which is good as dead.

Thats where Jott came to rescue to solve the young junior / High school students help them with Instant Messenger Crazily.

How does this Instant Messenger Crazily works ?

Jott has airchat feature which allows users to create a virtual closed connection using wi-fi or bluetooth radio signals to the internet within 100 feet of range.

Jott is being downloaded Instant Messenger Crazily on play store as we speak. It has all other premium features like stickers and many more

Wrap Up :

So jott has few incredible features , which can help junior or high school students in having conversations during school hours. What is most important point we need to talk is, is that right thing to provide access to kids and make it more easier for students to text during school hours? Texting is also called addiction, which more US teens are suffering from. This jott app might cause more trouble to students in distant future.


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