How To Record Slow Motion Video Using Android Camera App

By | May 30, 2016

Slow motion videos can only be captured by high end slow motion video camera. Now you can capture slow motion videos using slow motion camera app. Those who own a Android smart-phones devices covert their  cam in to slow motion video camera. Now these slow motion camera android apps let you make videos using slow motion camera app.

How To Record Slow Motion Video Using Android Camera App

Slow motion android app? Why use them ? Slow motion videos produce great opportunity to watch completely a different side of any move or motion. Many slow motion video camera capture scenes and play them in movies yourself to make things interesting. Thats why there are many slow motion camera android apps are in play store to serve you so that you can create a masterpiece out of it.

Record Slow Motion Video Using Android Camera App

There are plenty of slow motion app in the market right now which offers several slow motion camera app features , We made a list of slow motion apps , where you can choose the one which fits your creativity. Lets go down to the list of slow motion android apps.

Reaction Slow Motion Pro

This is a cool slow motion camera app lets you capture videos in slow motion. The fear of every slow motion video camera app has is that it might live up to their expectations , It might not give the out put they are seeking in slow motion app. This slow motion app capture moments without motions blurs, ghosting effects, 0 quality loss, no rendering or any other dis-effects you notice in other slow motion apps

There are several features i would to bring it to light, you can use this slow motion video camera app for personal uses. You get to choose speed Shuttle to choose your moment. To see any animation you have to tap & hold the shuttle button. All of the action is above 1 second thats why shuttle bar is at 1 second.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX can be used for recording slow/fast motion videos, good for creativity minded users. This is the best slow motion camera android app so far , the only reason why it ended up on second list because of ads which you can get of it by subscribing their pro version. There are several reasons to give it try , one of them is you can upload the recorded video directly to youtube or instagram to share your creativity.

While working you might get annoyed by running ads when recording your special moments using slow motion camera app. There is another way to get rid of ads is to subscribe to pro version , which also enable you water mark your videos.

If you wish to cut specific part of video , and make it slow or fast specific part then the slow motion camera app copy the original file and create another edited part. Changes may take few minutes depending on how long and size of thew file is.

Slow Motion Free

Everyone loves free things which are worth enough to pay?  what if this slow motion camera app is also free? This is another slow motion camera android app which views stunning moments. You can either choose file from your storage recorded file pr you make a new video in the app. This slow motion video camera doesn’t support annoying ads so say bye annoying ads. Everything thing has a time limit , but slow motion android app doesn’t follow that rule ,it doesn’t have any recording time limit.


Another excellent slow motion camera android can be use to edit, record, add and share it your friends on social networks beautifully in slow motion. At a creatain point you can slow down any specific part then play the rest normally , making your video look more pro.  A must try app. You can renderless edit both in/out points. Fast motion enables you to capture and play videos beautifully.

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Now days all the drone with camera are compatible with the android camera apps for capturing best videos and photos from the drone.

Wrap up :

That’s our list of slow motion android apps for smart-phones of today. We have tested all of those apps before they go down in the list so that you can better experience. Think we have missed any slow motion video camera apps  in the list? Then drop your suggestion the comment section.

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