Oneplus One Phone Review With Oneplus One Specs

By | March 19, 2015

It’s been dubbed a lot of names now it comes in at three hundred dollars for the 16-gigabyte sill plate virgin or three hundred fifty dollars for this says some black 64 gigabyte burial say that again three hundred dollars for six thinking by on Mar and three under 50 dollars for 64 gigabyte version  I’m not that in itself is incredible no one plus has a very interesting in impressive product on their hands but whether it lives up to the name love the flagship killer Oneplus One Phone Review let’s find out.

oneplus one specs

Oneplus One Phone Review :

So as for looks the one plus one has a great design including the soft touch back on the back to the phone but I’ll talk about that in a minute note probably the best design implementation is the chrome painted ring around the device none of its plastic or metal I don’t know how to figure that out but it looks really good especially with the totally blacked out front it’s a very nice accent I guess to the black fun and then either the black or white back I saw us for size it is pretty big we’re looking at a 5.5 inch screen surrounded by pretty considerably large bezel so yeah obviously you’re getting a pretty large the bites with that screen size and the basil but still manageable even a small hands like mine I mean I’m usually using it to end it very rarely one ended we come to know that when you’re buying a fab love this size as for bill Kaulitz got really solid build body feels good in the hand in the back is soft to the touch the material it’s pretty hard to describe. I really like that description but flown straight the material manufacture it’s gonna be called baby skin I baby skin did not apply to it but it is protected and it is soft I kinda like are dealt with the best at all them as for durability so far so good I dropped a couple a times of course not unlike concrete or anything but it’s been good so far has broken or anything I will be honest so the screen worries me a lot its protruding from the body just a few millimeters but that means that there’s nothing protecting it from the impact if you drop it face down it’s literally shattering the screen on impact now I want to talk about the feel love the one plus one cuz the silk white and send some blackberry both have the soft baby skin texture that is actually pretty soft but then there’s also going to be replaceable baxley water kevlar s up like that that because the back cover so much to the phone that actually gonna completely change the feel and look up the phone so if it would you’re gonna can you turn it into a wood phone were kevlar gonna turn into a template felt so it really depends on what that you have on your phone all those PBS’s kinda had to do with the former the phone let’s move on to the function now for stop is the I O the input/output or the bottoms on the field on the front we have the very dimly lit capacitive buttons a call speaker and the front facing camera on the bottom we have dual speakers a micro USB port in 13 microphones on the right we have a very lonely sad little power button on the top we have a 3.5 millimeter have been jacked in the second microphone on left we have that SIM tray and the volume rockers over there and on the back we have a camera and the third microphone overall the bun placement is pretty ergonomic for the phones large-size I find myself using it when I do use a one-handed I it’s pretty easy on the boundary Chable with either my thumb in my pointer finger so overall good job on one plus in terms that button placement for organometallic X alright so moving on to specs this phone is loaded with top-notch specs even though it has an extremely expensive price tag it’s still loaded terms of important specs were looking at a 2.5 gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon 800 one processor backed by an adrenal 330 GPU powering 85.5 instead entebbe IPS display with really good bites am 3 GB ram under the hood a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 3100 million power battery to power at all as for the display it is a 5.5 inch 1080 the IPS display with a pixel density of 401 PBR so to really sharp so the screen is a slightly warm color temperature which is annoying in people complain about a yellow tent but you can change that in the new update that’s something you can’t change is the stuck pixel on my screen %uh that’s so annoying but it’s not big enough to deal

One plus one phone review

To return or anything it’s just kinda their bother me in the back my head but overall it’s good for gaming good for video watching great screen other than that stupid stuck pixel moving on to the camera I’ve been really impressed with both the front-facing em back facing camera on the front we have a five megapixel front-facing camera perfect for self is trust me on the back we have a 13-megapixel rear-facing shooter now jumping into the camera app not literally you can just swipe between those bygone upper down which will be like HDR like filters like aqua and then if you go into the manual settings you have a lot of customers bill you can change like your ISO the quality percentage in terms that video you can even change the codec that’s that’s a pretty big deal um in turn the video actually you can record $4 K and slow motion video so those are two pretty cool features I did do a video about and now here’s some sample photos I’m just gonna keep talking as you’re looking at them a sample photos you can actually see that the HDR looks really good compared to the regular photos I’m personally huge benefits they are but I know a lot of people don’t like it because it’s a little less realistic I guess on a I something to do this for about ten more seconds against keep looking at pictures so I don’t to nice day out Friday for me a so this will probably be uploaded Saturday so your I i’m gonna and the snowcat as for the sound it get pretty loud the door speakers at the bottom are fairly impressive when it comes to volume but it does get muddy your grocer some bad adjective when you get to that high volume one in the pre-installed ap says audio FX which serves as a pretty good equalizer so if you wanna fine-tune the wager hearing your music on headphones this app lets you get the job done and then also I notice something when the screen is locked in music is playing these can look alive equalizer thing showing the music playing i can describes just look on screen now it looks pretty cool actually it showed it to a few friends and they think it’s cool to so on nice touch now the operating system is always important for phones especially this file this on rocking CyanogenMod 11s which is a customers in a enjoy work with 4.4 Kit Kat made for this phone so this is kind of like the CyanogenMod phone that operating system is made for the hardware and you get a lot of

customizability now sign in gym at 11 s is super customizable starting with the theme store you were basically anything you could ever want you can make your phone look like an LG three HTC One ami really any phone or any like variety your custom frankenstein  in Ubuntu different phone %uh softwares you can also custom buttons you can either have the damn capacitive buttons are used for about a week or the on-screen buttons I switched over to and I’m not looking back they can also customize your icons you do animation in your lock screen really you have a ton up options here you also have off-screen jesters that you can use for like flashlight music controland opening the camera app but I’ve disabled all those because they can get a little bit buggy I have had some bugs in previous update and still in the new 4.0 but for kick at update the worst bug a ball of it just might have a certain every device is the touch screen sometimes not responding this is soul aggravating if the touch screen just doesn’t respond some time to love the video playing right now it so annoying cuz I can’t do anything about it I just kind of the way that our reboot the phone by force like closing in for shutting it off by holding the power button very annoying other bugs included we’re like the Austrian jesters going on too easily but other than that every bug has been fixed by the updates so I’m thoroughly impressed other the not working script about speaking about these one-plus has been really good about giving over-the-air updates now I did get my like four days late but that’s not even that big a deal never got a couple updates night only had it for like two months so good job one plus on the update and they also promise that within 90 days up the release of Android L they would buy the 100 µl update for this told so you know what you know a good job one plus some I’m happy with that another thing worth mentioning with CyanogenMod 11s is the built-in app screen cast now this isn’t a huge deal to a lot of people but for other people that like recording therefore the screen other phone whether it be for like an app tutorial on YouTube or something it’s built into the device and its really flew it shows we’re touching everything are I think it’s a really nice addition they don’t have to download anything else this record screen just built into the phone speed no speed is Austin kinda not important what phone does not work how fast the phone is is that health flew with the phone is and over to mention that gaming and watching videos is really flew in really fast on this phone but that’s not it multitasking is also very quick on this phone I haven’t noticed any lag switching between after opening new ones or anything in very interestingly the one plus one is the number one phone on the n2 to benchmark now already right now you can see it’s about every other phone about the CC wanna may be sending out yes I do. ddr3 is literally the top tier phone in terms of speed for this benchmark which is a very good testament to the whole never settle campaign let’s talk about battery life I’m love this subject with this phone because it incredible with the 3100 million power battery this phone last a very long time it it could last two days on light usage iPhones have less than 2000 a million hours of battery life and then even the new 5.5 inch iPhone it to me to have around twenty nine hundred million powers about it so this is kinda had to the game with a thirty one hundred million power battery and at last a very long time because I guess the battery optimization in silent about 11 s is extremely top-notch other things worth mentioning is that there’s no expendable stored so if you need expendable soared like micro SD card slot too bad but the 60/40 by option is only fifty dollars more on lots o you there’s really no excuse their you can just get the more expensive option and it’s plenty of space and then also the battery is not removable now the mention the battery life is incredible at least after two months so you don’t need to replace it and I’m sure if you sent it back they would replace it for you but not like killed a really bad or something but it is not replaceable and the back is kinda hard to take off in the first place so there’s that I conclusion to I’m gonna conclude this video by asking you a question is it worth it to you do you think the drawbacks that I mentioned ruin the phone for you because personally I don’t think they do other than the touch screen issue which might just be specific to me this phone is fantastic the very few in kinda minor drawbacks don’t damage experience for me at all I’m very happy to own this fell let’s talk a little bit more about this film know how is it so cheap now I don’t know the whole store you can watch other videos for that but basically from my understanding the lack of an advertising and marketing budget allows for the cheaper phone they’re not paying millions of dollars like Samsung is to get all those ad on Super Bowl all that kind of stuff on TV in you do they’re just spreading by word of mouth they are creating height and allowing us to spread it for them so we’re kinda advertising for them by talking about the phone literally this review is advertising for them I’ll is kind of confusing but the fact that they don’t have a huge marketing budget allows them to take less money and still keep propping on the photos but remember some other advertising attempts are sexist and awful so there’s kinda a see-saw it can be good or bad alright so that wraps up this review I worked really hard on this route took me a really long time to make this research if you enjoyed going to leave a like I really appreciate it.

One Phone Review with Specs :

  • launched in 2014 June
  • Dimension : 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm {6.17 x 3.10 x 0.31}, Weighted : 163 Grams, Micro-SIM
  • Display : LTPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 5.5 inches with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, CyanogenMod 11S
  • Android v4.4.4 (KitKat)
  • Chipset : Qualcomm  Snapdragon 801, CPU : Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400, GPU : Adreno 330
  • Internal Memory : 16/64 GB, 3 GB RAM
  • Primary Cam : 13 MP featuring autofocus with dual-LED flash
  • Secondary Cam : 5 MP
  • Video : 720p @ 120fps, HDR featuring stereo sound rec
  • Conectivity :  Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct supporting DLNA and  hotspot, Bluetooth : 4.0 with 2ADP, GPS  with A-GPS and GLONASS, No NFC,USB : 2.0
  • Sensors : Accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass
  • Non-removable Li-Po 3100 mAh battery

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  1. David Miller

    They could have made it better, I think oneplus one is a lil bit heavier than xiaomi mi3.


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