When will I receive Next Android Update For My Phone ?

By | May 5, 2016

Process of Next Android Update : If you like your smartphone device, You must be familiar with android trend. According to the sources Android releases its latest version of OS each year and Android OS owned by google. Another cool about Android is that most of the samsung devices are running android os in their smartphones.

We don’t when they will release the newer version of OS (Every one is waiting for 6.0 Marshmallow update). From lower end devices to new samsung devices like s6,s5 consumers are waiting for Next Android Update . No body can tell when will the Next Android Update will release for you smartphone like samsung phone and tab.


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Now there is a catch in the Next Android Update, No body can tell or share information ,where you can find if your  phone is getting Next Android Update. Many of the consumers are living in delusion that their latest expensive smartphone like s6 and s6 edge should receive latest android update.

When will we receive Next Android Update ?

Now thats a good question, The aim of samsung company is to provide Next Android os Update for 3 years of its release. The reason samsung does not share important information because in past other smartphone manufacturers use to update consumers with OS update info but sometimes in many cases , dates use to postpone ending up leaving many consumers unhappy and disappoint.

Which Device Will Get Next Android Update First?

This is a common question every android user has, There is no telling which device will receive the update first. You have be patience , sooner or later you will get awesome bug free os from manufacturers. it might quite difficult for you to understand ,

List Of Devices To Receive Next Android Update :

Google Nexus : One of best things about nexus is that software updates are released for nexus devices before any other smartphone brand. We are 100% sure that the list of google nexus devices we are going to provide will definitely get Marshmallow v6.0.

  • Google LG nexus 5 (2013 Version will get Marshmallow )
  • Moto Nexus (2014 version will get Marshmallow soon)
  • Other brand Nexus phones will get Marshmallow update before samsung s6.

Unfortunately it seems like Google has ditched Nexus 4 version since they have not even released 5.0 till date.

Google Android One Smartphones :

Google official affiliate device is Android One series smartphones. So they are go get official Marshmallow update before Nexus (It’s a rumor , which has not verified), google has consumed about three months just to release update for this series (Smartphones with Android one updates are Mmx Canvas A1, Spice Dream Uno and Karbonn V  ).

It also seems like Google Android development team has making few arrangements to make sure to ensure to release it sooner. Few months ago 2nd Gen Android one device launched  by Infinix Hot 2 and Lava Pixel V1.

  • MMX Canvas A1 (It will get update but you have to few more months).
  • Spice Dream Uno (You have to wait few more months)
  • Lava Iris (Lava , i cannot guarantee )

Samsung Smartphones & Tabs :

Good thing about samsung is that they know how to take care their consumers. It was thoughtful idea from brand like samsung to keep update their consumers regarding software updates Check status of samsung smartphones and tabs which will get marshmallow updates Here

Lenovo :

It has expected from lenovo to release Android M for k3 note and vibe shot. rest of the devices i’ve got no info of them. You have to blame Lenovo for this.


HTC is one of brilliant filled with quality product and they do know what consumers expecting from HTC.

  • HTC one m9
  • HTC one Plus,
  • HTC E9 , E9 Plus,

The above devices will definitely get Marshmallow v6.0 update on these smartphones.

Wrap up :

There are plently users out there who are expecting When will we receive Next update on their smartphone Just like me. I have listed the devices names which are going to receive updates unless the brands have any second thoughts to ditch the device for newer gen smartphones.

8 thoughts on “When will I receive Next Android Update For My Phone ?

  1. Abbas

    Moi j ai un s6 edge SFR et j ai toujours pas eu la mise à jour franchement sais très long

    1. kksilverykksilvery Post author

      Samsung edge s6 will get update soon , reported by samsung Thank you for your valuable feedback.

  2. jagrut

    Amazing article , thank you for providing the info.

  3. rickardo bailey

    Can any one tell wen the blu studio 6.0 HD it’s getting the marshmallow update am running 5.0.2 on it now


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