How To Make Your Android Device A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled

By | May 28, 2016

Now  days smart-phones with biometric access on Home button or rear button added to android phones is common today. iPhone has took a step ahead by introducing touch id as lock screen for all iOS devices is quite revolutionary move from apple inc. Apple was able to sell of their products with this one feature making other manufacturers to copy and add this feature to newer android smart-phones.

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However many android devices out there doesn’t have Fingerprint Sensor Enabled on their smart-phones. What do we do now ? As smart-phone evolves so as our developers , who has brought many ways to get Fingerprint Sensor Enabled right on our screen.

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How To Make Your Android Device A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled

Generally there are certain requirements which has to be filled in order to be filled, They are right down below and make sure to fill all of the requirements properly before you proceed to further step to get A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled App.

  • Your Android Smart-phone must be rooted. (incase if you don’t know how to , You can read our list of apps which can root your device.)
  • After root , make sure to create a back up of your contacts and data at once.

Since we are now filled all of the blacks, why wait any further ? Lets go to next step.

After rooting your device , you wil get an external app and fire up the external app then search for App lock Fingerprint, Once done install the app then move on to setting up[ your touch id.

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How Does This App Work?

The app converts your rear camera in to a unique Fingerprint mark peruser, It takes photo of your finger and analyze it then it unlocks your device.

This productivity app is quite impressive and most of the users out there claiming it to be a hoax but you may consider it once more and try this app out for yourself.

In order get the fingerprint process set up done , fire up the app lock fingerprint at a parameter place your finger to 7CM of range using camera . Now it’s done.

Let me remind you , your hopes might get higher on this app but do not forget , nothing can replace an actual hardware performance of Fingerprint Sensor. It might not work fast as S6,iPhone and Xiaomi Note 3. However it does a good job in terms of a productivity app.

Many of the android Fingerprint apps on play store has created enough to get suspicious on such apps or any term of app cna be used as Fingerprint lock. Unlike those market apps , this might do the trick fior you or else it wouldn’t be on the list , isn’t that right ?

Note : We have not tested this app so far , so we are not taking responsible.

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