Shocking Crimes That The Internet Solved

By | May 4, 2015

Internet Crimes Chat Room Suicide:

A woman named Celia play was browsing the net, when she stumbled across a suicide news group online and soon learned of the plans for a mass suicide pact. Play began investigating after police showed little interest in the case, she befriended a suspicious user going by the name Lead-out. Lead-out claim to be a young sympathetic
woman with suicidal tendencies but overtime play exposed our the Middle Age man
named William melchert-dinkel. William had a secret desire to play God with people’s lives and was convicted of assisting suicide by coaching people on how to hang themselves on web-cam. He claims to a play
to pardon over a dozen deaths, which is indeed an internet crimes.

Internet crimes

Hacking Against Pedophiles:

In 2011 hacktivist group known as anonymous declared war on pedophiles and online predators, Within the first month anonymous hacked and shut down 40 Pedo-friendly website and expose over 1,500 pedophiles the FBI to investigate. The vigilante group known to stir up controversy continue to this day to attack an expose online sex offenders, including the well-known US Republican Michaels Centanni.

Twitter Vs Hate Crimes:

After surveillance footage of a hate crime against a gay couple was released to the public, it was the work  to Twitter users that ended up identified the perpetrators. A user by the name of Greg Bennett came across the suspects in a group photo in a restaurant. Bennett decided to re-tweet the photo with the caption “PHILLY HATE CRIME”.

A user @fansince09 then re-tweeted the photo got a massive response to verify the name address from where the photo was taken from their fan since 09 found that most at the suspects had checked into the restaurant on Facebook and reported them to police.

Internet Crime look to the cloud:

When Randy scharfer discovered his truck has been broken into and his iPad five thousand dollars cash stolen. He was prepared to count his losses and move on. Just a few days later schaefer checkers iCould account and the criminals and a video with a state their name for flaunting his cash schaefer track the IP address and found it iPad  abandoned behind the restaurant and the police caught the criminal shortly after viewing the video.


Online Man Hunt:

there have been many cases of animal abusers being exposed online but in one case the fast action for the online community really shock, after Walter easley uploaded a six-second vine videos himself kicking a cat across the yard, then quickly deleted video, however he already commoted an internet crimes and he found it that it was too late. The video it already been duplicated by Reddit,4chan users and the onlinemanhood was in motion, After searched national teams face to social media, he was identified in a petition went out to have been registered as an animal abuser.

Like For A Hitman:

when 38-year-old Jonathan geraldo advertise themselves as a contract killer on Facebook, it didn’t take long for the police to bust down his door. Geraldo was arrested on suspicion of firearms offenses,  after he posted pictures of offensive showing off his guns and cash public pay.  Police spokesman stated at the moment we do not know yet if he is really a contract killer or if he isn’t idiot making up a fantasy life from his bedroom.

library  Vandal:

A British team thought it would be fun to vandalize the library by putting the clogging and leaving the water running the flood. When he was brought into question, he denied having anything to do with it until the police discovered he’d been bragging to friends on Facebook about the prime. The teen then fessed up and was arrested and charged her with $225 thousand dollars with damage.

Jihad Jane :

Colleen LaRose a converted Muslim extremist under the alias jihad Jane have been blogging about her support to terrorists acts.  she’d already grabbed the attention many
readers over the course of three years, when she announced her involvement in the attempted murder of the Swedish cartoonist, the Rose was arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for terrorism-related crimes prison.

Prisoners Power Behind Bars:

Two thugs doing time for violent crimes are showing off on their facebook, on how easy they had it prison with video games, mini fridge and laid-back dress codes, however the present strict “no cell phone” rule still apply, when the authorities saw that they were updating their social media, changes were made to the living situation.

The inmates lost everything remotely luxurious and they  were put into solitary confinement.

Sicko snuff said:

Over the course of many years disturbing videos have been popping up love animals being tortured to death. Not much was done about it until the user uploaded a video of himself killing and dismembering the perpetrator,
also indulged in necrophilia and cannibalism. The suspect was quickly identified as he was already a famous Canadian pornstar, Luka Rocco Magnotta. Magnotta was arrested for one of the most shocking and growth has prime exposed to the gym.

Learn To Behave:

As you have read real stories solved by internet, there are a lot of other stories i have not covered in this post. Do not try be reckless or you might get caught and sentenced for 10 year imprisonment for such a pity issue.

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  1. Brock Dunckyley

    Almost everything has changed in the since 1990. after different new piece of tech has came in handy, giving chance to criminals to commit new sort of crime.

  2. Randal

    Crimes have indeed increased in th end of the last year, I must admit these guys are fab.


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