How To Put Videos on Your iPhone iPad iPod

By | April 15, 2016

Today we will learn about How To Put Videos on Your iPhone iPad iPod  of any generation. In many forums, Q&A places you can find one thing common with every Apple device user having a great deal with putting videos on iDevice.

Approx 57% users have complained they are unable to move/copy video on their PC and Downloaded videos on their iDevice, which leaves every in disappoint where any other regular device are able to any kind of quality or format on their devices even if those devices are lower version when compared to iPhone,iPad,iPod. This is post is all about solving your problem in just few lines of text and consuming couple of minutes.

Transfer Any Video to iPhone, iPad , iPod without any effort in just 2 minutes, easiest method

Why :

Why is that any normal video are not able to move or copy to iDevice? It’s simple , iDevice video format is a little different from other format of video, iDevice can only play video which are compatible to iOS.

Solution: How To Put Videos on Your iPhone iPad iPod

  • Download handbrake software (To convert video)
  • Make sure to choose your version of iDevice your want to convert.
  • Then convert it.
  • After finishing converting the media file to iOS compatible,
  • Download Quick Media Player.
  • Now test that video with Quick Media Player. (Quick media player is the same player used in iOS devices )
  • If the video runs and plays smoothly then you will be able to move videos to iDevice smoothly.

Now that you have a converted file , just Launch iTunes (Download link to iTunes).

  • Now here procedure is very simple.
  • Drag and Drop the video file to iTunes provided ” My Movies” tab.
  • Once it done your videos appear in that tab.
  • Now that you have your videos on that tab.
  • Sync your iDevice.

After you finish syncing , Just check if videos are inside the “Home Videos” folder. Incase if is empty repeat the whole procedure. The image down below is the proof that i have successfully converted and moved to my iPhone.

How To Put Videos on Your iPhone iPad iPod


  • Dheere Dheere by YO YO Honey Singh,
  • Eureka 7 ending 4 (Downloaded from Youtube)
  • One piece Ending song (Downloaded from Youtube)

To prove it’s authenticity i have provided the names of the video i used. It works like charm have tested it several times so go on , convert your videos now.

Wrap up :

There are several ways to transfer your iPhone,iPod,iPad on your iDevice but this is a working and tested several times before i put this on ATM blog. I know i have skipped many the details because in believe in my readers that they are capable to get this simple task done. Best of luck be sure to comment & share our work.

Additional Info :

Softwares required :

  • Handbrake (Google it)
  • Quick media player (You can skip it of you want to)
  • iTunes (Like it or not you’re gonna need it for other purpose as well)

Handbrake: This software is used for converting any media file in to other media format.

Quick Media Player: It does what it says , we are using it to test our converted file because QMP is a apple product used in our iOS devices.

iTunes : We all know about iTunes, for those who have never used it before or for first time. iTunes is a software from Apple , it’s plays a crucial role since it official pc suite for iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can pretty much do everything from downloading games, moving music, videos and updating IOS.

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