ULTIMATE : How to fix iPhone Home button In Five Minutes

By | April 25, 2016

Fix iPhone Home button incase you’re iPhone is unresponsive or home button is not working, This tutorial is about how to fix iPhone Home button. We all are aware of home button issues, especially with older devices such as iPhone 4 , 4S and iPhone 3GS, where we experience clogged and get responsiveness after few days of use.

Many of the apple engineers have claimed that it the moisture and calibration defects after long period of use. However several other local engineer have claimed that ” Home button ” is not complete technology. You cna take few measures to avoid and fix your home button for all your iPhone devices expect above iPhone 5C.

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Fix iPhone Home Button Not Working :

ULTIMATE guide How to fix iPhone Home button In Five Minutes

What i’m about to teach are all tested method , which i personally performed on my IOS device.

3. R Cube

The reason why i called it , r cube because i’m going to show three methods here Repair/Reset/Replace

  • If your not able to fix it , then get it repaired. It ill cost you less than $5.
  • Sometimes reseting your device works, back up your contacts, music and other media via iTunes and go to settings -> General –> Reset –> Reset All Settings.
  • Incase if your device is brand new then you can get replacement device, right away!

2.Alternative Home Button

This is one of the best innovative option provided by Apple , which i admired. This is also called  Assistive Touch in Accessibility in apple language.

  • Open settings -> General
  • Find accessibility and open
  • Look for  AssistiveTouch and tap on it.
  • Now you have virtual home button.

1. Cleaning

if you observe properly , you’ll notice tiny spaces , which is enough to make room to let our moisture and dust inside of it and damage the responsiveness. These tiny dust particles are what is causing your home button damaged. It can be fixed if you remove those particles and avoid few bucks.

Get a air blower , which plays crucial role to fix iPhone Home button. Now press the home button and then use blow the dust away, it will blow alot of dust and you will be able to make your home button work

Wrap up :

There were few simple and easy to execute tips to fix iPhone Home button There are several tips on fix iPhone Home button which are not easy and might damage your device during the process , which can lead you’re device to more un-recoverable damage, which can be expensive to fix it .

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    A well explained post. I hope that iPhone users will get rid of this probelem after this tutorial.


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