How To Block Internet Access To Apps In Android

By | April 7, 2015

There are alot of users, who wish to block internet access to apps in android. It dosn’t matter which android version or device you are using, There are alot of apps which connect to internet send and receive information without our knowledge. It has become an issue in the modern devices, where we are giving opportunity to hackers to steal information on us via non-market third party apps in the market.

block internet access to application in android

Even in google play store, we can find many who have access to our personal information and allowed to retrieve our personal data. So i have found out few apps, they can block internet access to apps in android.

NoRootFirewall :

block internet access to apps in android

Number one is NoRoot Firewall has the ability to block internet access for selective apps. NRroot Firewall has a neat user interface with different tabs. You can select if you want to allow net access for any given app on WiFi or on Mobile data by simply selecting the check mark or a cross in front of every app in the given list, This can definately have all of the important features, which restrict the access to any android app which is trying to gain access over INTERNET.

NORoot Firewall has also added a auto start on boot option as well. You can check at pending access request and decide if you want to give the access to the certain app.

Net Blocker :

block internet access to applications in android

Another cool app from the android app developers and works efficiently. It serves the same purposes as the other apps, Good thing about the app is , Its free to download on google play, The developers says that the app does not stop the apps accessing net while apps run in background. In simple words, Your fb app will be able to run background but if some one try to run the app, Net access will be restricted, More over this app specially doesn’t need to root your device, This is how you can block internet access to apps in android.

Choose any of these apps for your android device, I’m sure you will you’re ideal app to block internet access to apps in android, Most of them are free. so try them out for you’re device.


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