TESTED : How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone

By | May 26, 2016

How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone : Let the title speak for on our behalf , One of benefits from owing an android is that you can things most smart-phones running other OS than android OS. You can utilize android the way you want it to be , that’s the point of having an smart-phone.

Shall we discuss How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone ? It is indeed a difficult task to perform for those who has never came across rooting , hacking & cracking.There are several possibilities you might give up during the process but i ensure you that you will be able to access someones else wi-fi end of the day.

TESTED  How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone

In order to perform the task there are certain requirements that must meet,

  • Your device must be rooted, In-case your have not done rooting in past you can using our step-step guide.
  • Your android version should be above 4.1.2 or above (I feel sorry for lower running android version smart-phones, I will figure out something and update this very article later on)
  • Charge your device up to 30%
  • Make sure that your under violation of a individual privacy .

Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone

In this tutorial we are going to mention three apps which are going to break in to someone’s wifi to let you gain access to internet places where you need it the most. We will start with the one we have tested on several wifi.

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Starting with

 WPS Connect

How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone WPS Connect

After rooting your device you will be able to download certain apps which are not available on Google play, one of them is wps connect. Wps connect is a hacking app , which helps you to find the protected wifi’s password. This is how it plays the game , it disable the other users who are using same wi-fi network then it automatically connects to any wi-fi network which has password as protection. Remember sometimes it doesn’t connect to network which is highly protected.

This app also works as protector , You can use to detect if your your router is vulnerable, this is how you can even save your self from any hacking activities. it is worth downloading and use it that way as well.

Many routers apply default passwords to protect them selves, Wps connect identifies which one of the wi-fi router is vulnerable then your connected to that wi-fi.


How to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone WIFI WPS WPA TESTER

As you can see above image , you can find password of most of the wifi password but the app was build only for testing purposes. You can use it other way around , i have given you the source figure out how you can use it to find password of others wifi. I have successfully figure a way out to use it to my advantage. Now it’s your turn to  Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone.

Wrap up :

There are several apps out there which are promising to Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone, But most of them are pile of baloney. It takes you no where but to the end of nothing. I have tested these apps out for a month or above and found some of the wifi routers in the town are vulnerable and they are ready to give access to our android device, thats how you can Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone.

I’d say if you are going to try these apps out for any illegal activity , trust me you plans will be foiled and you will going down swinging. As you have read whole article i have not mentioned any warnings because if you do you will regret it later on.

Now we are at the end of Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone article, we are going to post more tested articles on Hack Wifi Using Android Smart-Phone tricks , how you can make them more interesting and learn something new everyday subscribe to our news letter. Join our whatsapp group. if you have questions comment sections is down below.

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