How to Find Someones IP Address?

By | May 15, 2016

If you are wondering that what is IP address then you need not worry about it. We will tell you what it is and how to find IP address. What & how to track / find Someones IP Address.

Want to track someone’s IP address?! If your answer is a yes, This post is for you only.

In this post, we will disclose a basic secret , it goes like this ” how to find someones IP address ” in different special methods, After we go through these methods , I will guarantee you that you will definitely track any one’s IP !!

How to Find Someones IP Address

What is an IP ?

This part is for those , who don’t the right defination of IP Address. If you already know what does ip stands then skip this part and move on to next paragraph.

Internet protocol  is what we call IP, It plays crucial role in internet systems and used widely.

How to find someones IP address?

Lets jump in two unique methods to find someones ip address.

  • Method 1 : Find someones IP address using Command Prompt.
  • Method 2: Find IP address of an email sender.

Email providers covered : Gmail Yahoo!! Hotmail .

#1 Gmail 

Gmail stands for google mail ,used widely by all consumers , It’s free from ads, spamming and better simple trendy interface. If you wish to find  the IP address of the sender follow the steps below.

  • Login in to your gmail account (Avoid if you are already logged in ;))
  • Now that your in gmail dashboard , you shall now open the email you wish to find the ip address.
  • Once you open the email , click on the option right beside ” forward email option” and look for arrow down , look up for ” show original”.
  • Now you will see a new tab on your browser with full of codes, i can understand your not techsavy guy but it is easy.
  • Look for IP address , which are always in numbers like this ”
    client-ip=" (This is an actual ip received from Email sender).

Wrap Up:

In this tutorial we have covered few common and  major email provider How to Find Someones IP Address . Now that you know how you can track someone’s ip, then go ahead start with gmail , find the person your looking for.

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