Counterfeit Products Is Being Sold By Flipkart, What Can Be Done?

By | April 22, 2015

What is Counterfeit Products ?

Counterfeit products are nothing but  fake replicas of the original product. Counterfeit products are are made to advantage of the popularity of the product and valuye of the branded. Counterfiet products usually made to make extra income out of after the brand name, In the end users receive a cheap quality made product.

 Counterfeit Products sold on flipkart

How Does Counterfeit Products Look Like?

Counterfeit Products

In the above image you can see a phone, Which is iPhone 6 both original iPhone 6 and fake iPhone 6. Fake iPhone is being sold for $100. Manufacturers of fake iPhone have make sure to copy each and every inch of the iPhone 6, It is really hard for us to identify the Counterfeit Products.

Where Are The Live Counterfeit Products selling ?

Almost everybody worldwide attracted towards low priced products. An authority site like flipkart has become vulnerable to such third-party dealers, who are using flipkart reputation and fooling people to buy such products. Let me show you few live products , which are available on flipkart.

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[image link=”605″ image=”605″]
[image link=”606″ image=”606″]

What Does Victims has to say about it?

Bought Beats by Dr.Dre Solo HD Wired Headphones: 

On19th Oct from Flipkart at an unbelievable price of Rs 3200, while actual product price was above 16k has sold in just 3200 INR on flipkart.

Victim has inquired about this product personally to customer care, This is the response he has received from them.

“I understand what you are saying but as it was mentioned earlier that all the products sold on our website are authentic, brand new and go through the requisite quality checks. The quality checks are limited for electronic products so that the manufacturer’s seal is intact and the product being delivered to you is not tampered.”

Victim have completed believed customer care and placed a order on flipkart right away, as promised he has received the product on 30th oct.

[images cols=”three”]
[image link=”#” image=”608″]
[image link=”#” image=”609″]

He opened the box right after he grabbed. He was very disappointed from brand like flipkart, where he put his faith on them has sent them a $2 worth cheap headphones ,which are available on streets.

What Do You Think?

I have bought few products from flipkart and i must say , i have never bought anything which is above $20 becasue of the first experience i had with it.

4 thoughts on “Counterfeit Products Is Being Sold By Flipkart, What Can Be Done?

  1. Rahul Barbique

    I have purchased one of the earbuds you have displayed here, they are not genuine product. They are cheap quality earbuds which are not even worth 100 RS. Do not buy it from all shopping sites.

    1. kksilverykksilvery Post author

      I have done a deep investigation on major shopping sites like amazon and other e-commerce sites and they have been selling fake products at a low price as 199 INR.

  2. John Boster

    Amazon and eBay are notorious for selling counterfeit items. They are ALL over Amazon and eBay! The only way to know you are getting the genuine product is to buy from the manufacturer’s website, and secondly from respected online stores.

    1. kksilverykksilvery Post author

      Manufacturers are not selling directly from their site like Apple iPhone, but they are giving out the location of nearest authorized dealers and stores.


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