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Best Mobile Browser Opera Mini Re-designs For Android

Best mobile browser opera has been in market for a while. It has been famous for its user friendly UI, Best mobile browser opera is now focusing on adding new featured opera mini version for android devices. Opera doesn’t want to get left behind and beaten by the rival brands.   Best mobile browser opera… Read More »

Battery Charge In One Minute, Says Scientist

Recently researchers sorted long awaited technology to battery charge within a minute, a team of re-searchers at Stanford University was able to made a aluminum-ion battery proto-type, which is offering quite a few cool improvements on  present ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries, which also incudes amazing speed – battery charge. In past, even in present, whole world is is suffering… Read More »

Oneplus One Phone Review With Oneplus One Specs

It’s been dubbed a lot of names now it comes in at three hundred dollars for the 16-gigabyte sill plate virgin or three hundred fifty dollars for this says some black 64 gigabyte burial say that again three hundred dollars for six thinking by on Mar and three under 50 dollars for 64 gigabyte version  I’m not that in itself is incredible no one plus… Read More »

Android Lollipop Review With Android Lollipop Features

we’re taking a look at the Android Lollipop Review & Android Lollipop Features  have Android 5.0 lollipop Android Lollipop Review : Android Lollipop Features : Notifications In this Android Lollipop Review, We are also presenting  Android Lollipop Features and notifications in Android have always been really good but in lollipop the change allowed for the first time in a while we have… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Note Review And Xiaomi Mi Note Specs

Xiaomi shown me is often referred to as the Apple China and for good reason like the cupertino-based computer company, Ciaomi present device is Xiaomi Mi Note Review, Lets get started with it. Xiaomi MI makes devices with a strong center designed and take integration of hardware and software in previous years, the ties a run deeper it was broadly known that XIAOMI MI had no problem with riffing… Read More »