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Apple Watch vs Android Wear

In this Apple Watch vs Android Wear review, So Asus argues that if you consider buying a Gold Edition Apple watch you were out of your mind, let’s consider that if you’re a billionaire have the chatter why not buy a Gold Edition Apple watch. Well it is a flashy way to announce to the world that you were among the upper echelon you… Read More »

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear Features Comparison

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear: One of the major factors , why Apple Wear Vs Android Wear picking up a fight among them, battery is one of the most important metrics for wearable is the battery life. Typically are testing an android wear devices result in a most battery life around two days. With the exception of… Read More »

Apple Air Pad Specifications and Complete Review

Apple Air Pad Specifications (Processor): Another improvement with the air 2 is the specs inside so the air 2 is rocking Apple’s new A8 chip, which is their best mobile chip yet by a long shot. Technical it’s essentially a triple core three core processor and you so now finally for the first time an Apple tablet history get to you 2GB ram… Read More »

Apple AirPad 2 Review

Today were gonna be talking about Apple AirPad 2 review, I know this can be a pretty simple relatively easy Apple AirPad 2 review because overall as a category these iPad’s and basically any large tablet have sort of slow down into this ERASION year by year. We see them get a little bit better but there aren’t that many drastic changes made so really… Read More »