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Apple Watch vs Android Wear

In this Apple Watch vs Android Wear review, So Asus argues that if you consider buying a Gold Edition Apple watch you were out of your mind, let’s consider that if you’re a billionaire have the chatter why not buy a Gold Edition Apple watch. Well it is a flashy way to announce to the world that you were among the upper echelon you… Read More »

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear Features Comparison

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear: One of the major factors , why Apple Wear Vs Android Wear picking up a fight among them, battery is one of the most important metrics for wearable is the battery life. Typically are testing an android wear devices result in a most battery life around two days. With the exception of… Read More »

How To Block Internet Access To Apps In Android

There are alot of users, who wish to block internet access to apps in android. It dosn’t matter which android version or device you are using, There are alot of apps which connect to internet send and receive information without our knowledge. It has become an issue in the modern devices, where we are giving… Read More »

Android 4.4 Kitkat Features

Today we’re going to take a look at eleven hidden features in the android 4.4 KitKat features, now to demonstrate this features we have the brand new Nexus 5 so without further d9, let’s get right into it.

Android Lollipop Review With Android Lollipop Features

we’re taking a look at the Android Lollipop Review & Android Lollipop Features  have Android 5.0 lollipop Android Lollipop Review : Android Lollipop Features : Notifications In this Android Lollipop Review, We are also presenting  Android Lollipop Features and notifications in Android have always been really good but in lollipop the change allowed for the first time in a while we have… Read More »

Xiaomi Mi Note Review And Xiaomi Mi Note Specs

Xiaomi shown me is often referred to as the Apple China and for good reason like the cupertino-based computer company, Ciaomi present device is Xiaomi Mi Note Review, Lets get started with it. Xiaomi MI makes devices with a strong center designed and take integration of hardware and software in previous years, the ties a run deeper it was broadly known that XIAOMI MI had no problem with riffing… Read More »