Best LAN Messenger

Best LAN Messenger: Let’s say that, if your mobile is out of juice and you want to connect to your friends or send files, which your boss has asked you for, This post will help you with sending data at high-speed. Here is the list Best LAN Messenger For Windows, this Best LAN Messenger on a regular basis.

Best LAN Messenger For Windows:

Best LAN Messenger

What Is LAN Messenger?

LAN is the short form of ( Local Area Network)it is a PC network, where you can use it for an individual task where you can use it within the limited area. LANS can be found mostly at the office, College and Gaming Parlours. I have used LAN for gaming purposes for a long time, and I can assure it works well, The only need is to have a working wired LAN connection.

How to use best LAN Messenger?

LAN Messenger is nothing but as software, Which gives you the advantage to send or receive files instantly even if you don’t have an internet connection. You will be able to transfer files at an incredible speed. LAN is most helpful for office purpose, especially for the conference goals.

If you browse across around the Google, You will find dozens of results for Best LAN Messenger, Here I have pointed out few best LAN messenger.

LAN Messenger:

Number one is LAN Messenger where you can send files and communicate without any help of a server. A user-friendly software, it can satisfy your need to the fullest.

Features you might like: Instant Messaging, File Transfer, Broadcast message, Message history, Personal and group messengering.


Tonic is one of the most used  free LAN Messaging software. This user-friendly tool comes with impressive features. It needs no internet connection.

Features you might like: Image avatar, it requires no sever, Instant messenger, chat history, File transfer support, group chat.


Like I promised at the beginning of the post, to give you the Best LAN Messenger for free, This is one of them.

Features you might like: Voice Chat, Group Chat, Broadcast Chat, Private Chat, Spell Check, Buzz, Emoticons, Audio Alerts.

CD Messenger:

CD Messenger is cool for office purpose, CD messenger is not only available for Windows but also Android, IOS, and Mac. Cd messenger is not a free Lan messenger I come with both paid/free versions. So choose it wisely.

Features: File Transfer, Offline Message, Delivery, Live Spell Checker, Email, Sticky Notes, Group Messaging and To-do List.

Wrap Up :

As have you seen on the above list, i have shared my most of the best available Best LAN Messenger tools. I would recommend you to use Best LAN Messenger for better experience, I have used it or a while for gaming purpose and it works better than any other. The list is made for those who are looking for Best LAN Messenger out of many other lan messengers. Sorry for spoilers as i mentioned only 4 instead of 4. If you have any questions to ask regarding Best LAN Messenger comment below.



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