Apple Wear Vs Android Wear Features Comparison

By | April 9, 2015

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear:

One of the major factors , why Apple Wear Vs Android Wear picking up a fight among them, battery is one of the most important metrics for wearable is the battery life. Typically are testing an android wear devices result in a most battery life around two days.

Apple Wear Vs Android Wear

With the exception of the Moto 360, which seem substantially worse.

During the Apple announcement the device was stated to last 18 hours during quote typical usage, meaning that daily charging will be required for the watch it may not last under heavy usage.

The Apple watch supports wireless charging by a Magsi induction connection while the Moto 360 uses she wireless charging while most android wear products are charged three physical connection to a docking station.

On its debut with a SmartWatch market apple also launched a sport and collectors edition, neither these to add anything in terms of internal hardware but the sports version is aluminum rather than stainless steel.

Prices for the watch range from 549 dollars to1,049 dollars depending on the strap built materials and if you have money to burn, there is also an 18-karat or rose gold option available starting from Ten thousand dollars now.

On the other hand most to the Android wear watches are significantly cheaper, by G watch was about two hundred dollars and does most have the same things.

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