Apple Watch vs Android Wear

By | April 9, 2015

In this Apple Watch vs Android Wear review, So Asus argues that if you consider buying a Gold Edition Apple watch you were out of your mind, let’s consider that if you’re a billionaire have the chatter why not buy a Gold Edition Apple watch.

Well it is a flashy way to announce to the world that you were among the upper echelon you are among the 1 per centers, I mean why would our want around an apple logo just to demonstrate that that’s the most expensive device in that category  so let’s start off with a quick overview of the Apple watch verses Android wear.

Apple Watch vs Android Wear

Operating Systems:

Starting with the software both operating systems have been built around smart phone notifications and a selection of apps designed specifically for wearable and read where arranges these and a swappable cards while Apple’s OS arranges apps on a single home screen with full screen pop up notification,however rather than relying solely on a touch to navigate your way around Apple’s crowned, dial is also used to hop in and out of apps and alter some settings.


Apple made a big deal about personalization during the announcement and both platforms offer up a wide selection of watch pieces to choose from, you can already find a huge range watch apps is made by third-party developers, where core functionality also shares a lot of similarities on both platforms notifications pain from your mobile appear in real-time allowing for quick responses to messages,emails,calls etc , both platforms support common applications such as calendars,navigation, user control, weather, checking upcoming flight information and voice commands.


speaking of which Google now plays a big part in and read where while SIRI seems the voice responsibilities for Apple watch. Google now works for search accessing apps,setting alarms etc and three allows for much of the same functionality and can be activated by voice command apple pays one big feature now unmatched by android wear devices, which will allow you to make small payments in some stores directly from your wrist, although you do have to hold the face of the watch against the contactless reader which might involve some on wrist twisting depending on the reader.


the other half for the wearable battles being fought on the health and fitness market, were both platforms offer up a lot of similar functionality most Android where smart watches come with a heart rate monitor and link up to your smart phone to track place and distances the Apple watch comes with a heart rate monitor and built-in GPS like some more the recent Jan and right wear devices such as the Sony Smart Watch, which means that you can leave your phone at home while going out for a run with Android where their support for Google fit and a selection of third-party app second all tap into the fitness hardware most of which offers features like distance step tracking and health monitoring Apple’s activity at can also track your day-to-day activities or lack there of in much of the same way although there are plenty of different designs to pick from with and right wear, most to the latest generation smart watches feature surprisingly similar specifications the tablet here gives an example some the best effort where products and how they compare with key hardware features offered by Apple watch.

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  1. Ken

    First thing there is a big price difference between Apple products and android wears. Apple watches are only designed for peoples above economy level but that is not same for android wears. Thank you for sharing such an informative blog.


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