Apple Watch Review : Reasons Why You Should Not Buy This

By | March 23, 2015

Today we’re gonna be talking about the Apple Watch launch and also  reasons why you should not buy the Apple watch in this Apple Watch Review

apple watch launch

Apple Watch Review : I Have Pointed Out 5 Reasons, Why You Should Not Buy Apple Watch

  • 1 IS : price and this is also the biggest complaint that you guys had as well but the Apple watch is nearly double the cost to everywhere SmartWatch out there, which is kinda crazy considering although this matter what is out there are really good and they work really well the up watch Starts of at three hundred fifty dollars and that’ll get you the sport model at the thirty eight millimeter watch size but if you’re not happy with the aluminum construction on that the next after going to be the Apple watch with a stainless steel it starts off at five hundred forty nine dollars but you really want to go for the gold you really want to fancy then your only other option is the Apple watch addition which is me out 18-karat gold it looks freaking awesome put it comes with a price tag of ten thousand dollars and I was curious so I kinda customize it a little bit and it will go up to seventeen thousand dollars that’s pretty crazy considering it a lot of other greats my life is out there ten thousand dollar seems a little bit absurd so the price on this thing will either make it or break it and let me know in the comment section now below how you guys feel about that.
  • 2 IS : device support so the app watch will only work with the iPhone 5 model and above which kinda sucks because a lot of my friends to use the iPhone 4 ,iPhone 4s and apples really forcing those users because believe me there’s still a lot of them out there to upgrade to an iPhone 5 at least just  to be able to use the Apple watch, which I don’t find that awesome, now it doesn’t work with android, this kinda might have been expected because being made by Apple but there’s a lot of other great smart watches  out there that work with both platforms such as the pavel that’s really the only one I love, rear watches and other android smart watches that are really awesome such as the Galaxy gear Series  did you watch are the mod 360 the while we watch there’s a lot of other great ones out there that work with 200 devices that’s definitely one of the biggest flaws in the Apple watch.
  • 3 IS : its battery life for the Apple watch is rated at days with the battery life which means you probably have to charge it every night and then you’re probably gonna pick up another charger when he going travel and if you’re like me I use my SmartWatch pretty heavily meaning I would probably kill the Apple watch in four to five hours and then understand walking around with a smart watch that doesn’t turn on and that just looks good would really kinda defeats the purpose but I think the biggest problem that I have is a lot of others smart watches out there such as the and read where line get at least two days with that use and that’s just what i’ve seen and there’s others are what is like the pavel which get I get around three days with the news that can go anywhere on a daily basis and I would love to see the Apple watch get at least two days can make it a little bit more convenient than ever to pop it on the charger every night.
  • 4 IS : flight designed for the Apple watch is really only meant to be worn on your left wrist at the digital crown can be found on the right side and you’re supposed to casually just move with your right hand and a lot of people out there wear their watch on the right wrist and control with her left hand but thats not really gonna  be an option because it’ll just be a little bit awkward kind of controlling the digital crown on the inner part of your arm the I would have loved to have seen at least two options the digital crown on the left and right side a bf watches to give both users an option.
  • 5 IS : the first addition so this is the first Apple watch ever being created and like all the products they’re gonna have some flaws at least the first model and then overtime the kinda fix the flaws in just make it a better product to the we go out there and drop a few hundred bucks an apple watch you guys might want to wait to the second model if you’re not going to be buying Apple watch.

In this Apple Watch Review i have covered all of the not so cool parts of the Apple Watch, Despite of what apple says.

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