Apple Watch Pricing $549 While Cost $85 To Manufacture

By | May 8, 2015

Apple watch pricing is about $549.00 to US$ 1,099 US dollars. Apple watch has been one of the fastest selling product in the world. Apple has been awarded as the most valuable company in the world by Forbes.

Seems like Apple is taking advantage of the name and fame earned from past. Their latest arrival Apple watch has been in the news lately saying Apple watch can help improve everybody problems.

Apple Watch Pricing:

Apple Watch comes at an expensive price of $549.00 to US$ 1,099 US dollars, Mean while we have done our re-search and spoke to many manufacturers how much does it cost to make custom Apple qualitative watch from other manufacturers, in a shocking event we have found it that it can be manufactured such as low as $100.

Apple watch pricing have over rated and over priced, while Apple manufacturers are making their products less than $100.  Where Apple is selling it four time higher to the manufacture price making abnormal profits. No wonder the company is most valuable company in the world.


Apple Watch Pricing

Apple Watch Features?

Apple watch has features, which are available on other wearable from manufactures like Sony, HTC, Garmin and Samsung. We have alot alternatives and enough reasons to switch to another brand who are providing better quality products from such bigger and better brands.

How Long Apple Has Been Doing?

Innovation has stopped the day, when the founder took down 3 decades ago. Apple is all about a money-making machine, which makes abnormal profit in the share markets and wall street. The profits attract bigger investor and they invest for the company by buying shares.

We have no intention to damage the reputation of brand like Apple , which has provided products that have changed the world for years. We have talking truth on the latest design and promises made by apple. We are not judging any one.

3 thoughts on “Apple Watch Pricing $549 While Cost $85 To Manufacture

  1. Sagar Basak

    Apple is making very high revenue from it. Those mobile are really good and cool, why does govt not looking in to the device price tags.

  2. Dinesh Verma

    Apple has reached a point that even if they start selling rocks with their logo at its back people will buy it.


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