Apple Air Pad Specifications and Complete Review

By | April 9, 2015

Apple Air Pad Specifications (Processor):

Another improvement with the air 2 is the specs inside so the air 2 is rocking Apple’s new A8 chip, which is their best mobile chip yet by a long shot.

Technical it’s essentially a triple core three core processor and you so now finally for the first time an Apple tablet history get to you 2GB ram now  A8 chip, it’s incredible it’s super powerful it’s really thermally efficient this tablet basically never heats up on me and it powers IOS 8 as smoothly as you’d expect I mean this no hiccups here is I was seen at its finest there’s not a whole lot extra stuff going on obviously is just a grid of icons but it better be this move in 2015 the specs like this but on a tablet.

Apple Air Pad Specifications

As i says before, everything feels like a blown-up version, up the phone interface here on the iPad. It’s not really taking much advantage follows pixels and all that power and with two you might serve ran, you would think Apple would find some awesome seriously advanced iPad  multitasking stuff to throw in there but is still the same interface as any other granted, I’m sure hassles stay open in the background longer without having to refresh but honestly and lesser doing some heavy gaming or messing with some 3d graphics after something really intensive like that you’re probably not going unnoticed the spec difference between the air two and the original air even though is a lot better.


So that brings us to you the little things there are just a couple other little things sprinkled in there to make this iPad air to you a really compelling tablet for a lot of people that they’ll hope which I get them to spend their money on the upgrade the camera now, yes I know it’s rocking an even better 8-megapixel camera adds essentially the exact same optics as the iPhone 5s and sure I’ll give credit Apple you’re right the iPad is probably the best camera view finder out they’re technically that’s true I and as beautiful as it might be to looking for in your face it still doesn’t mean you should take pictures all the time or video with your tablet but hey the F 15 S two pretty good pictures, so now so does the iPad.

Apple Air Pad Specifications

Touch ID:

You also get the touch ID now nothing prints answer over the home button but you can use to unlock a tablet but it kinda stops short of a lot of potential I mean there is no an NFC can’t use it for Apple  but there are no multiple account sign in on IOS, such as so you can’t sign into a different profile with a different fingerprint stuff like that’s missing I guess it’s still the earliest stages have touch ID technically but basically its just for unlocking right now. but it’s there and also got a mention at super flat apple logo which was a fingerprint magnet like crazy but when the tablet clean that thing as a serious eye-catcher.

Apple Air Pad Specifications


Speaker on the iPad which was very very loud, so it’s actually so loud that it vibrates the entire tablet and its light as volume and we played down on a sort of vibrating surface like a wooden table the chassis makes it even louder so it resonates through whatever surface it put it on so it’s kinda funny it’s not the best quality in the world and it still sideways facing but the loudness and press its overall as a whole package you gotta admit the iPad air 2 is pretty sweet.

I’m much more into smaller tablets at the moment I like the Nexus nine and the iPad Mini and speaking of the iPad Mini the iPad Mini 3 which has come out recently i dint even wanna touch it or  talk about it all but essentially just for those be who are curious is the same exact product as the iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display just added gold version and touch ID so this essentially means is the earlier version which dropped a hundred dollars is now a really good deal and if you want to continue spending for price to get touch iD and gold that’s up to you but I wouldn’t recommend it I would recommend specifically buying the iPad Mini two.

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