Android Lollipop Review With Android Lollipop Features

By | March 18, 2015

we’re taking a look at the Android Lollipop Review & Android Lollipop Features  have Android 5.0 lollipop

Android Lollipop Review :

Android Lollipop Review and Android Lollipop Features

Android Lollipop Features : Notifications

In this Android Lollipop Review, We are also presenting  Android Lollipop Features and notifications in Android have always been really good but in lollipop the change allowed for the first time in a while we have a way to prioritize your app’s to be at the vine by in you get this little pop up here and you can see none priority over all in priority mode only calls in alarms will get through, you can set it goes on the cause for important people you can set a indefinitely or for I’m running hours you need.

Android Lollipop Features : Lockscreen

The last thing is also been changed for the first time in a while we now get notifications on then lock screen finally you can swipe on way like you would from notification shade swipe down to see our full notifications and to take action where you can swipe up to an A.

Android Lollipop Features : Smart Unlock

what is my new favorite features is called smart unlock and this is so you can set it to disable the lock screen if you are connected to certain devices such as a more 360 or any other Android wear device you can also have is set to trust your face which I have enabled here and we’ll see if it works see on the bottom there is a show to lock icon interface and now showing it unlocked icon which means to recognize i’m looking at the phone so to say with the pattern unlock.

Android Lollipop Features : Do Not Disturb

Similar to priority mode is what I’m calling do not disturb mode and we can hit none here in absolutely nothing is going to disturb us not even alarms and you have the same options for indefinitely and for however long you want to so if you do not want to be disturbed by absolutely anything this is what you should do

Android Lollipop Features :  Screen Pennine


In your devices someone can be a little scary if you’re worried they’re gonna get into something they shouldn’t a new feature called screen Pennine makes that almost impossible so if you wanna just give them the commander one applicant open Twitter here for example hit the overview button and when we scroll a lot as little pen icon we tap that then and we hit start now this person can only use this app by hit the home button nothing happens but I know seeker and that is holding both these and we’re out, there’s also a new guest mode hit a profile icon any it switch to guest its gonna boot up mean and guess Mode.

Android Lollipop Features : Battery Saver

Battery Life can be a big concern, especially when you get to those 15 percent or lower time and you know that it could turn out at any moment, battery saver aims to help their, we just going here and you can turn it on when ever you want like so and you’ll see the status bar and have bar turn orange-red, what does it disables kind of performance intensive things such as vibrations in back on data but you can also have it just a turn on when you get 25 percent or 15 percent which is probably a little bit more useful.

Android Lollipop Features : Multi Tasking

Another area that got change for the first time in a while is a multi tasking screen which is now actually call overview and you can find it a little different you can scroll way far back way further you could before but where the big things it does is it actually separates chrome tabs in two separate a Windows here so here’s one chrome tab and here’s another chrome tab and it does that for things like I for composing an email on Gmail me on it they will really go back to your inbox on its its kinda cool and it just makes them seem like they’re more involved in more i integrated into the OS.

Android Lollipop Features : Extra

Too quick settings have been redesigned a little bit like with everything else with you swipe down with two fingers a show operate here as usual and you have some actual toggles that work like titles now which is good and we have the slider for the brightness in a couple notches like flashlight but you can also if you just pull down the notification bar as usual and pull down once more there you go.

Android Lollipop Features : Tapping Go

In this Android Lollipop Review, tapping go this is the coolest feature to happen to  Android arm since I don’t even know when but arm very very very cool so what you do is you take when the old under devices and you can import your account  information see not the type in your password in it so that stuff earning that junk you can just have to do my sit together like so you’ll be able to be used that is OK have been a little axe and these two guys are talking to each other going to bring the street to my Google account Santa  knows who I am and type in my google account password and then my Google account them to look at some other pretty cool stuff to what you we can go nuts I mean I can’t policy can contain my excitement so this is a new tool here you can see here are the store from this back at you can actually choose which devices you want to restore to this device here and that I so using click on this here Nexus 5 you can see I got my Moto X which is backed up by 20 days ago it’s crazy to others using my my Google ass even an email to do so this is all the stuff that’s on my account right now I’m gonna go ahead and just restore from a Nexus 5 on and see how many up 77 AP’s I let’s go ahead in this click Next.

Android Lollipop Features : Design

Last but not least is gonna be material design this is a new design language that who has with lollipop and I just think it does a great job at your fine Android in it is always had great features but now it looks really great to everything is fluid everything is fast the animations can show you where things are coming from things are appearing in you understand it it’s just a very nice cohesive and beautiful and he says the just the right amount of fun and that’s not cold and some other operating systems I love it and I think as more naps get updated android is gonna look really great so that’s my list of  Android Lollipop Review & Android Lollipop Features.

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  1. Soham

    Lolipop use karne k liye latest phone kharid ne ki kya zarurat h…jab hai Cyanogen Mod(CM12.1 NIGHTLY)..root ur old android based phone and flash this and enjoy lolipop…i tried this on my own phone Samsung Galaxy Ace-GT-S5830I it comes with gingerbread…then i upgrade it to cm10.1(gellybean),then cm11.1(kitkat),and now cm12.1(lolipop),its better than original,it has same features like orginal,also cm12.1 use memory card as phone memory,memory card partition as gain ram memory,and root access that enables superuser.

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  3. justine

    Android is keep developing their services and providing better innovative android versions. Nice article buddy.

  4. Shanice Huynh

    I loved the new interface of the android lollipop. I must say the update has slowed down my device a bit. Overall i agree with you kksilvery.


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