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By | April 22, 2016

Android emulators for pc  or you can call them Android simulators for pc is highly preferred to run android apps & games on your desktop or laptop. More of the android users want to experience the amazing android games and apps on their using ” Android Emulator For PC “, so users globally looking for best Android Emulator For PC to run apps and games smoothly is quite a challenge because there are several emulators out there who call themselves the best yet they are not. Many blogs/websites are promoting the emulators without testing the emulators for consistency. finding a right emulators are difficult so we end up making a list of tested emulators on high & low configuration desktop & laptops.


What we are solving here :

  • We have listed tested emulators on high & low configuration windows based PC & laptop.
  • We have shortlisted 5 of the best Android Emulator For PC.
  • We will provide all download links

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Android Emulator For PC :

  • Droidx – This emulator is famous for its cool features and it doesn’t even lag . works smooth on all windows versions.
  • Genymotion : In the platform of emulators genymotion has stood for years by delivering the quality and features. It has considered as best replaceable emulators to bluestacks.
  • Bluestakcs: In playstore , this emulator has stood to top because of its stand alone features and experience of android on pc, fact is bluestacks is good for laptops not for pc.
  • AndyOS : This emulator is all about its unique features , definitely the one , you should if none of the above emulatiors doesn’t work for you.
  • DuOS-M Android Emulator for PC : It is a paid emulator and you can get 1 month free trial out of this emulator. This is a cool emulator and a must try one.

It was quick, isn’t it? , well this is the shorter version of the entire post , inacse if you wish to read the detailed version of the post then keep reading until you reach the detailed version.

Wrap Up:

You seen it, we made it that easy. Now you don’t have to to look around and search for unreliable information , which always end up with “LAG, complains and whining. ” Now you can play your favorite android apps and games through Android Emulator For PC. All of the emulators are tested in real time and after the results came through i have listed them down here. Incase if you have any questions or suggestion or mad at us , comment down below.

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