Battery Charge In One Minute, Says Scientist

By | April 9, 2015

Recently researchers sorted long awaited technology to battery charge within a minute, a team of re-searchers at Stanford University was able to made a aluminum-ion battery proto-type, which is offering quite a few cool improvements on  present ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries, which also incudes amazing speed – battery charge.

In past, even in present, whole world is is suffering from battery charge life cycle, Despite of several attempts from the brands like Nokia to HTC, Xiaomi to Gionee all of them have failed to improve battery life.

battery charge

A group of young innovative team from standford university has built a battery charge in a minute, which might improve our battery cycle life for more than a day or so.

Until now, aluminum-ion batteries couldn’t able to provide enough voltage, even after many re-charge cycles. However  the prototype built by the Stanford researchers consists of an aluminum anode as well as cathode made up of graphite — a combination of materials that allows for producing, about two voltage, even after hunderds of re-charge cycles.

The battery can charge within a minute, its comfortable, however, it is not a bugetorial  piece of tech to get in to the hands, especially when aluminum -ion is cheaper than lithium-ion.

Matter of fact, the materials used to built this version is alot safer than the ones in lithium-ion batteries, There are chances it might cause unwanted fire in worst scenario. In contrast, the aluminum-ion battery will never ever catch fire even if you put a hole through it while it’s working.

battery charge creators

The innovative battery will be ready after the creator “Dai” believes that he can fix final step of the prototype battery problem, The battey voltage is up to the mark of our regular devices, He says, Battery voltage is lower than our usual regular smart-phones, which is close to 3.7V or 4.2V .

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