Android 4.4 Kitkat Features

By | March 23, 2015

Today we’re going to take a look at eleven hidden features in the android 4.4 KitKat features, now to demonstrate this features we have the brand new Nexus 5 so without further d9, let’s get right into it.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Features

Android 4.4 Kitkat Features

  • first thing we’re gonna mention is resolution switching through adaptive playback, now breaking that down pretty much it means that while watching a video the resolution key constantly be fluctuating, it said having to close out the video to reload it for the HD mode. Well watching the video the quality can be increasing similar to how YouTube works.
  •  2 IS : The ability to easily switch between launchers now personally I enjoy having a custom launcher my phone you can hop  into the settings on the android kitkat in quickly choose which launcher wanna run instead of having to go through the applications and then clear defaults in the whole complicated mess that used to be on previous versions of Android.
  • 3 IS : Nexus screen recording now this is the future more so for developers are people that actually have the Android API set up on the computer and what that let you do is you can record  mp4 formats of an android 4.4  screen then you can share them online on youtube or if you wanna share them on a private website you can do that, that’s a really cool feature like I said is not necessarily something that’s going to be as available for everybody to do but it is cooked into android 4.4.
  • 4 IS : gonna be processed at so you can now see what applications are using what amount of  RAM so where how you could on a PC or Mac he really helpful control over all your programs, besides reviewing the storage that each app takes up you can see the amount performance in ram everything that is doing to your phone at an immediate moment.
  • 5 IS : Updated notification information meaning, application developers can now choose what’s orders excerpt data they want tom pop up in the notification bar, the little bit more important information in that notification window the as you can find glad it saves time.
  • 6 IS : The photo editor built into the gallery, now this is very simple in its awesome you can go ahead in fully dive into editing just like any photo without having to get a third-party application easy using you can really tweak your photos to get some really nice looking shots.
  • 7 :  gonna be the ability to scrub the music from the lock screen now this is a feature that I’m finally hobby to enjoy if you listen to a lot of music then you know that when you have the actually unlock your phone if you wanna skip asset boring intro or just skip forward to the next song you can scroll through certain parts of the song or video in the injured 4.4 lock screen which is personally this is gonna be an awesome on as little as it is it’s a really nice feature I think that the finally added number.
  • 8 IS : the loudest enhancer so there’s pretty much ardmore so modified EQ built into android 4.4 it allows you to set a custom profile that enhances the audio specifically tuned for voice is so when you’re in a phone call summer how the Galaxy devices had the setup you could have the volume quality improved is always is making a lot louder say can understand what the person saying to you number.
  • 9 IS :  full screen wallpapers this is another simple one another thing that’s really good and kind in the minor annoyance and other versions of Android when is setting a wallpaper you now have that full screen capability you’re not having a crop that wallpaper down at all you can get the full top to bottom edge to edge exactly how you want that wallpaper to look on your phone.
  •  10 IS : The support for IR blasters now so long as your device does have a physical IR blaster built into the phone you can now use third-party applications to control it now this is a huge because applications like Netflix Hulu all these devices are connecting up to your TV can now have the ability to also control the set-top box or you just a TV for example to change volume the channel and everything like that it’s really gonna be interesting to see how developers are going to take this feature incorporate it into their applications.
  • 11 IS : This is just a fine one it’s the hidden easter egg with an android 4.4, if you going to about phone keep tapping on android phone out for it’ll go ahead and give it is nice a pop-up showing kitkat image then continued to press and hold initially they give you know this rain in as easy just wonder can play around with editors proved he is everybody else at your own 4.4 and they’re not .

Here is my list of Android 4.4 Kitkat Features.

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