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By | January 8, 2017

Did you know that Activate Windows 10 Pro / Home/ Enterprise is possible in just two minutes? Yes, you can. We don’t have to give you a detail information on how and why? But what we can do for you is to show you, how you can do that in just two minutes.

Activate Windows 10 Pro / Home/ Enterprise in Two Minutes

You need to download two things to complete the process,

Download: KMSAuto Net 2015, Winrar.

Now follow the process, which has been explained in the video

Or continue reading.

Step-By-Step Process

1. Turn Off Anti-virus & Realtime Monitoring

The first step is to turn off the Windows Defender and Antivirus before you download and extract the files. Which will block the data over-write, while activating your copy of Windows 10.

2. Run The KMSAuto

Once you launch the KMS auto, you can there is a button “Activate Windows,” just click on the  “Activate Windows 10” button.

3. Patience

It’s time for you to wait until the process finishes. You can see that there is a log window down below, where you can see what’s going on and where the process has reached. Wait till the program says “Activated or Completed.”

Once you are done with the activating, make sure to delete the extracted files and restart your PC. Remember, ensure that you are re-activating your Antivirus and Windows Defender after the restart.


The process is very easy, and you can repeat the process anytime you re-install your Windows 10 version. If you have any questions then you can comment below or follow our social pages “Facebook – Our response time only 5 minutes” where you can expect to get an instant reply.

4 thoughts on “Activate Windows 10 Pro / Home/ Enterprise in Two Minutes – AllTechMess

  1. Peter

    Do you know if the update is for free or not? I want to try get the upgrade for my laptop. Thanks for the post.

    1. kksilverykksilvery Post author

      Good to have you here. Microsoft does not give anything for free. However, after the upgrade, you can use this method to re-active the latest version. I have used this method 40 times now, always works.


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