6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device

By | May 26, 2016

Now a days android using smart-phone for texting on whatsapp to your friends , preparing sheets for presentations , listening to music to download files via browser. We do alot of things using our android devices. At a initial stage we have to keep track of things we are doing wrong with our devices.

You can search on google and find several results guiding you on how to improve your android speed , performance and etc. Many of them are doing harm than good.

I’m using android for a such long period After a deep re-search here i have made a list of 6 things you are doing wrong without knowing on you smart-phone.

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device

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6.Using Cleaners To Clear Cookies & Cache

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device Using Cleaners To Clear Cookies & Cache-min

There are several apps out there in market which can be used to clean data and get more space out of it. I understand that saving some space can get you more files in that free space thus, cleaning cache & cookies for few MB’s is not wise. There is a good reason why cache exist, Many apps don’t function properly due to missing cache & cookies , when that fail to load you ended up blaming the app functionality.

For instance , Whatsapp stores cache , if you wipe it you will alot of contacts ,data, media & files from whatsapp app.

5. Rebooting Android Smart-phone 

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device reboot shut down-min

The importance of reebot has always been ignored by many users as don’t know the value of Reboot option.

Samsung has added a new feature of reboot to samsung S7 , where you can set your desired time to reboot automatically even when you asleep.

Do you understand how it important it is to reboot your once in a while can get clear many of un -wanted files and helps your device to run properly. Samsung has added a valuable feature to it’s expansive ” S -series” device.

4. Turn Off

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device reboot shut down-min

Many might argue my when it comes to shutting down your device. Shutting down your time for 4 hours a day is necessary.

Like every living being requires a shut down once in  day even a machine requires a break after a long hectic load it experience from our end.

Shut down your device for 4 hours a day , It will prolong the life of device and helps you to run smoother when used harshly.

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3. Side Downloading Apps From Untrustworthy Source

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device Side Downloading Apps From Untrustworthy Source-min

Do you guys download apps from Google play? Then why do we download anti-virus program on our android smart-phones? We don’t need to download any Anti-virus program as long we are installing apps from Google play.

There are several untrustworthy apps available out of Google play , It is very weasy to penetrate the app to add some malicious code inside of it and breach your smart-phone to steal data. Invading you privacy is further easy. Never download apps from Unknown source.

2. Installing Two Security Apps 

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device Installing Two Security Apps-min

I have seen many android users install more than one security/ anti-virus app on their android smart-phone, which can slow your device down. Let me break the truth to you , Why do we need  an anti-virus app Unless your downloading apps from non- market (Google play).

Anti-virus apps consumes alot of space and run from background , which can drain the juice out of your device. Google fights against virus, malware, allowing you to download only secure apps to make sure your device is not risk.

If you feel like your device might be at risk , Run only one app than multiple of em.

1. Kill Apps Manually 

6 Things You are Doing Wrong on Your Android Device task manager-min

In past even in today we use 3rd party apps to kill apps running in background and killing apps from task manager is something many of us do. Unintentionally we are worsening the performance of android smart-phone. Unlike in past we needed these on our older version of android smart-phone. Android was young back then, every time new OS launches it evolves. so many of the are necessary to run background.

So this is how it should go, Kill apps only when they are draining battery , not responding . Make sure to uninstall all of the task managers on your device , stop downloading them from Google play store.

Wrap up :

So there were my reasons after i have gone though alot of re-search. Think i have missed anything the  feel free to comment below.

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