5 Facts : Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

By | April 11, 2015

Here are the reasons,Why Android Is Better Than iPhone, iPhone is one of the leading devices in the market, every consumer is confused in choosing between android and iPnone, We will clear you’re doubts in this article.


Operating System :

Apple sell their devices, Promoting it saying ‘Most innovative IOS”, If apple IOS is better, then why would innovative company like google is working with android, Google has supported android OS in so many ways, Which includes Legally and Reaching their consumers with new features.

OS vs OS :

Apple IOS is powerful, No doubt about that but android is also competitive, Android is strong as apple IOS. With Google play in support.

Result : Android wins in terms of OS

Hardware :

iPhone come’s in two different variants in different versions, While android comes in different range, from low budget to higher budget.

Anybody can get their hands on android devices, Experience it. While iPhone is not a budgetorial, It is hell as expensive gadget, No wonder  Why Android Is Better Than iPhone.

Result : Android Wins, Budget device.

Price :

At a price point, iPhone is not a ” anybody can get this cool gadget ” device, while you can grab android device as low as $100 or less, Now be the judge if you want to get apple iphone you might have spent more than $500+.

Result : Android wins.

App Store :

Apple and Android have their respective platform of app store. Where apple is controlling their own store while android has support of tech giant google. With google in favor of android no wonder android can reach heights of awesomeness.

Result : Android and Apple tied.

Mulltimedia :

Multimedia experience is the major factor of these devices, We can easily download listen to music or download files in android . Since we have bluetooth feature on android devices we can share and transfer files to one device to another bluetooth enabled device, However in apple iPhone system, We have to use iTunes to transfer songs,videos and other files. Without the help of iTunes you cannot send or retrieve files, download the files, send, sharing files is simply is not possible, from one device to another.

Apple iPhone vs Android Fight :

There were the major factors of why android is better than iphone, It is still arguable that iPhone might be better than android but fact is android is better in terms of user friendly, sometimes iPhone annoys me alot. If i missed something let me know in the comments.

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