2 Ways to Send Messages without Facebook Instant Messenger App

By | April 15, 2015

In these modern era of internet, Instant Messenger application have been the best medium to keep in touch with friends, family and clients. Anyone can create a group with instant messenger then you can add them everyone once in a week, The instant messengers help us exchange files like pictures, funny quote, stickers , where it help’s us all to chat and interact more openly and express our feelings with emotions included it.  facebook instant messenger application is more than just popular app and website in the world, It needs no intro as everyone of us have facebook id.

facebook instant messenger app


However, The UI as well as the response timing of the facebook instant messenger app is a huge mood off for android device users. There is no choice because facebook wanting to force you to use facebook instant messenger app to interact with your close buddies. Hence, We will be solving this forcible facebook istant messenger app problem.

Use Facebook Instant Messenger App On Your Desktop

You are able to stay away from the facebook Instant Messenger application, as long as you’re working away on your Laptop, computer or Desktop computer, when you can open exactly the same application in your Google chrome browser. Merely visit the Desktop computer variation of Fb Messenger application.

facebook instant messenger app


In case you attempt to visit this kind of using your Touch screen smart phone browser then you may be suggested to install the app on your smart phone. You’ll not have the capacity to take advantage of this browser version of this program with your smart phone.

If you have installed Chrome or Safari Browser or UC Browser on your android smart-phone, Then you will be able to open facebook app on those browsers, just click m.facebook.com on your smart-phone to chat and send stickers on your android device.

facebook instant messenger



What Do You Think About these Method?

Honestly speaking, These were the best 2 ways to avoid those default mthod provided by the facebook instant messenger app, Now you can avoid using those forcible app and switch to these methods. These methods are easy to use. I have been using this method for a long time and it works pretty good for me and many of the my other friends.

Whatsapp is good app for casual purpose of usage.

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