10 Best Android Hacking Apps Tips & Tricks

By | January 1, 2017

Hacking apps were always in trend, Want to shock your amigos with new cool apps? Then in the post we have listed 10 Best Android Hacking Apps Tips & Tricks, you can use them to hack android and do something interesting.

Android running smart-phone is a cooling device, It come’s with several features that always make us wonder, Each year every new device gets an update of latest android os, it always surprise us. There are many things you don’t know that an Android device can perform, which indeed Android officially release them,

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So our excellent developers have developed Best Android Hacking Apps to make you smarter and let you use your Android device fully functional. Let me take you to a tour and turn you into an Android expert with ten best Android hacking apps.

10 Best Android Hacking Apps

1. Hack Wifi Security In Your Android 

10 Best Android Hacking Apps Tips & Tricks Wifi

If you Google, thousands of results appear on you’ll find many tutorials on wi-fi hack, but none of them are capable, who would believe in a pile of such baloney? Hacking wi-fi is possible but at a limited range with this app works on rooted smart-phone even if it is highly password protected.

2. Biometric Access Or Finger Print Security.

10 Best Android Hacking Apps Tips & Tricks - Biometric access finger print access

You don’t need an iPhone or a device with finger print access hardware on it to get finger print feature. Using an Android app, you can make this happen without purchasing finger print enabled smart-phone.

3. Unlock Lock Screen Without Accessing Any PC Tool.

Forgot smart-phone screen lock password? Now you have to access PC tool to reset your device to access it. Instead, you can use a time-consuming process without wiping data od your device, and You can get back to your home screen.

4. Record Slow Motion Videos.

In cinema industry nowadays almost every movie is captured in slow motion format, It takes a higher quality  & very expensive hardware to capture such scenes, In this case, we will show you how you can capture motion videos with your Android smart-phone. That’s one of the benefits your get from one of the Best Android Hacking Apps.

5. Unlock Your Windows PC With Android Smart-phone

This will stun your friends when you unlock your lappy through your Smart-phone, to stun your amigos you need to install Rohos Logon on your smart-phone & Windows PC. It’s that simple.

6. Shutdown Your Windows PC Through Android.

Well, now we know how to unlock and boot to the home screen of Windows PC, How about shutting down your Windows PC via Android? It is possible with this app.

7.Install Kali Linux On Your Android

Here comes the advanced part ,after all installing Kali Linux for pen testing is cool after all. Install it and use it the way you like.

8.Add Recycle Bin To Android

You might think this feature is something we do not need ? But i believe that this is something we all need . Some times we delete some un necessary  files, along with that we might delete few important files and regret later. Recycle Bin app will store your data securely as temporary files ,then later when you’re free you can restore or delete them later on.

9.Adding Guest User

In latest version of Android OS , you can find Guest user option in settings or notifications area. In older devices like HTC Wildfire s doesn’t have such option , so this option is good for the previous version running smart-phones.

10. Freeze Apps For Certain Period.

Now you can get rid of annoying apps popping up on your screen when you don’t need them by Freezing apps for a particular time. An android app helps you to stop apps from running for any period you set.

Wrap up:

I told you at the beginning of the tutorial, that when you leave, you’ll become an android expert after you read this post.We have explained & shared knowledge so that you can use it for a greater purpose. If you are looking for latest hacking apps for 2017 then we can share, even more, all you have to do is to subscribe our newsletter and comment below for any queries.

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  3. Bright Joe

    I need help in hacking my neighbor’s WiFi for access for a few days. Gotta try that app, thanks for sharing bro! 😀


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